French Consulate Registered Translators

A discreet, professional and intelligent service to translate all documents from language to language. We provide certified and stamped official translations in most languages. Established 1977.
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We offer a fast, friendly and economical service, translating all types of documents from language to language: if you feel you may require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Member of the Association of Translation Companies

Translation Service

Translation is a professional service required by almost everyone at some point: whether professional contracts for global projects, international sales presentations and tender documents, government and/or official documentation or legal requirements for entering, staying or leaving a country.

Our translators hold first degrees in medicine, architecture, law and accountancy as required, in addition to their language skills and qualifications and finally they are members of recognised language associations and institutes.

Our method is to assess your job and appoint the most appropriately qualified translator to you. We project manage our work in-house so that we remain in control at all times. This means that your deadline is assured.

Unlike many other translation services, we automatically copy check/edit your documents. There is no additional fee for this service. Fluent, idiomatic translations that clearly transmit your content, product specification or brand values to your customers in today's global market - that is our speciality.

Bad translations give a poor impression of you, your work or your business. Translation is best undertaken by qualified professionals and not machines.

French Consulate

We have been registered translators with the French Consulate in London for approaching thirty years. Therefore we are familiar with translated documentation requirements between France-England, England-France (and all French speaking countries).

Whether you are applying for a visa, looking to move, invest or have a second home in France, are a student enrolling at a French / English educational establishment, potential bride or bridegroom, you will need to have certain documents translated officially.


With our experience, we can advise you which documents you must have, how to deliver them to us and how much it will cost. We will also help you if you need a notary and can advise if you do not.

We can accept most of your documentation via email and we email and post back the completed work to you within the time agreed. Email us at

How it Works


Scan and email your documents to us. We can usually work from good quality scanned copies.


Receive quote and completion time (Please be sure to check your SPAM folder). If you wish to proceed, payment details will be emailed to you and the job started.


Translation initially returned by email for approval. If required, hard copy will be sent by post. Prices start from £30.00.